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Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Black or Women-Owned

Can we just call Valentine's Day what it is?

A day to be set up for disappointment. Kidding. :|

In case you are trying to avoid the blues from the lack of thoughtfulness, take a look at some options from my favorite Black or Women-owned companies.

This small business reached out to me test their chocolates that incorporate the unique flavors of Africa. They are such an amazing and unique treat! Before eating this product, I thought all chocolate was created equal. Honestly, I jokingly tell people all the time that I have no taste buds - I literally like and eat everything. This chocolate proves that there are levels to chocolate and this is TOP TIER! I love the spice from the ginger that gave it a unique flavor and take a look at the exterior. This isn't your everyday chocolate. My daughter loved it too!

I can never have enough personalized, minimal pieces. As I've gotten older, my jewelry style has changed from large and chunky to dainty and minimal.

Tiny Tags is just that AND owned by the nicest woman/team I have had the pleasure of working with a couple of times in the past.

Gorgeous photo taken by our new family photographer Maram! @maramsphotography

100% natural ingredients. Smells like you bathed in a sea of fruit and herbs. AND black-owned? Enough said! I got this soap as a swag gift from my job and I am obsessed (influencer voice).

Hope you get showered with lots of love or you feel empowered to treat yo self.





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