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Black-Owned Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Friendly reminder that February is Black History Month (but truly, every month should be a celebration and remembrance of what Black people have contributed to the world) and the overly romanticized Valentine's Day!

One of the many ways to commemorate both love and Black people is to support a Black-owned business this Valentine's Day. Here's a rundown of my personal favorite shops - hope you find something for your boo (or yourself)!


Halyor Home

We've officially upgraded from Bath & Body Works! Hand-poured, 100% virgin coconut soy wax, and custom blended fragrances - need I say more? My fav scent is Bain de Mer!


Shop Jewel Gang

You can literally get jewelry from anywhere, but why not do Black-owned + purpose-driven + quality?!

Shop Jewel Gang was started by a Navy veteran, who currently works in cybersecurity and donates a portion of all sales to TECH CORPS, a nonprofit that provides STEM education for youth in underrepresented communities.

Because they only sell exclusive pieces, the jewelry I have personally bought is no longer available, but there is so much to choose from!

I am seen here wearing the 10k solid gold initial "M" earrings. A true investment that I never take off!


Savory Serenity

IDK about you, but I love to go to bed looking like a glazed donut, fresh off the belt. Lather me down in all the oils and lotions, please! This homemade body lotion is a must. I get the lavender scent to help calm me down before bed because I need all the help I can get to help quiet my inner voice. Okay, that made me sound crazy, but you know what I meant.


Joy Evoked

If your 4 year old is like mine, she will be walking around the corner with her hand out wondering where her Valentine's Day gift is too. *My answer is going to be, "I gave birth to you", but daddy doesn't have an easy out.

So here we are at Joy Evoked! I just pressed purchase on this adorable sweatshirt and I love their customized crayons. I'd buy those too if I knew my rough kids wouldn't break them within .5 secs, so I purchased the crayon hearts instead.

Adorable items created by two besties. Check them out!


Elle Hair Studio

This one is for my ladies (or gents!) that live in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area.

I have been going to Le'Donna for... a long time. Like pre-kids and I can't count how many years that's been because I feel like I've had kids for 20 years.

This was one of our many sessions. Need I say more?

I love that she is currently in a solo suite where she only takes one client at a time and mandates her and the client to wear a mask the whole time. We have no time for COVID.


Mansyn Lane

I love how Mansyn Lane literally has it all.





Everything you need to be cyuteee. I have personally only used their lashes in the past (and I felt like Beyonce), but I have been eyeing these gorg and unique pair of earrings.

They have so much more on their site - be prepared to drop all the hints to your boo!


Supermom Culture

Pictured here is Chaz and I being very cheesy ( get it? We were eating pizza! badum tssss) and wearing matching sweatshirts from Supermom Culture.

Also pictured is my youngest, smacking her sister in the face.

Anyway, these items are high quality and super comfy!


Okay a few honorable mentions...

I haven't personally purchased from these two businesses, but I have seen nothing but great things about them!

Chic Geeks

It's only fair that your Macbook gets some accessories too! These are exactly what the name implies - super chic.

Cool Coffee Clique

I don't want to say I drink a lot of coffee, but I am pretty sure after I die, my body will continue moving. I stay caffeinated.

I love coffee mugs, but especially these cute ones from Cool Coffee Clique. They don't just have coffee-related things - I love their laptop sleeve and journal too!


And after all this... this will still be my husband when he asks me what I want as a gift...

Have ya'll tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments or on IG!

- Steph

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Stephanie Bradley
Stephanie Bradley
Feb 12, 2021

Where are ya'll shopping for Valentine's Day?


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