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Mabilis Agile 

Consulting Services

Our Vision

To create a space for agile in all business markets for companies of every size. 

"Making Agile Accessible for All"

Our Mission

To make the agile concept more accessible and digestible, while keeping people at the center.

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Agile looks and feels different depending on your organization needs.

For rates and offerings, book a consultation with me to deep dive into how I can best serve you and your business.

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Working with Stephanie has been an absolute pleasure. The way she understands project management, time management and task management has really set up my business for success. After only 2 months I have seen changes in my businesses that include: efficiency, saving time & flawless execution of launches. Anyone looking for system organization, project management, and someone to hold you accountable, Stephanie is the one! '

—  Jakiya Brown Thiaw, Brand Strategist, CMO and Founder of TheTravelingfro Brands, LLC

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